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Sammy’s ability to forge common ground with everyone she comes across comes through in her photography, bridging connections between her camera, the subject, and the environment. This ability to create connections comes from her complex background; the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants to Brazil, later moving to Canada, where Samantha was born. Then, the whole family transplanted to California.

Your photos are absolutely stunning. It’s such a gift that you’ve shared these photos with us, and captured the experience so beautifully. It will be so helpful for our program to have good quality photos like these.
— Lauren, Grid Alternatives

Growing up with global exposure has taught Samantha the skills required to photograph outside of her comfort zone, going to different countries and taking initiative to help them each uniquely share their stories. Samantha has a passion for giving back and especially loves using her photography skills to tell the stories of non-profits, both local and international.

She is based in Orange County, CA where she is regularly booked for local projects with families, couples, businesses. She partners with her clients to capture the essence of who they are, and their specific goals - whether it be a wedding, family portrait, or branding endeavors for a business.

Contact her today to schedule a 30 minute complimentary brainstorming session to see if she can help you meet your goals.